Date of birth: the 20th of January, 1981
Current place of residence: Deftinge
Height: 182cm
Weight: 75kg
Professional racer since 2004
Current team: Landbouwkrediet cyclingteam

Koen is married to Katrien Ramaut.
Hobby: Koen's job is his hobby.
To relax, Koen likes to go to the cinema and the sauna with Katrien.
In the off season, they regularly go out for a nice meal. A goat cheese salad is a firm favourite. Apart from that, Katrien and Koen are always in for some Italian cuisine.

1995 saw Koen taking his first steps into the world of cycle racing. At the time, he was a third-year youth rider. He successively rode for “Onder Ons Parike”, “Eddie Merckx ploeg”, BBS, Beveren 2000, RDM BIANCHI and ultimately Deschacht-Granville.

Koen won his first victory as a junior in Vollezelle, in 1998. That performance got things rolling. One year later, he obtained no less than five victories. 2000 meant the big step to the Under 23 category. Koen started off well. The Championship of Eastern Flanders took place in Koen's hometown, Deftinge, and he performed admirably: fifth place, a very respectable result for his first year in the Under 23. Some months later, Koen took his first win! It should also be noted that he came in ninth at the Belgian Championship in Halle. Koen rode one hell of a race. In 2001, Koen once again obtained one victory, and no less than fourteen top ten results. Then came 2002: a superb year, as Koen finished first in eight races and top ten in eighteen more. Absolutely stunning! In 2003, Koen obtained one victory less, or seven. Two of them, however, were head and shoulders above everything else. At the strongely contested Sickle Festival in Norway, Koen obtained his first international success. On top of everything else, Koen became Belgian Champion in Beveren-Roeselare on the seventh of September. In a sprint with twenty-eight racers, Koen was simply the fastest. The reward was enormous: the national jersey. What a performance!

In 2004, Koen debuted as a pro racer with a contract at Vlaanderen-T-Interim. Early on in the season, Koen made a grab at a first victory. During the Prix de Lillers, Koen and a French racer had a fifty-second lead on the peloton at about thirty kilometres from the finish. During the final kilometres, Koen left his companion behind, but eight hundred metres before the finish line he was overtaken by the charging peloton. A pity, although Koen did show his mettle.
Both in the Tour of the Waasland and the Cras-Avernas race, Koen came in fifth, and in the Grand Prix Geraardsbergen he obtained third place. A nice debut in the elite peloton.
In his second year as a pro racer, 2005, Koen rode for the same team, although its name changed into Chocolade Jaques-T-Interim. 2005 took off well, too: in Omloop Het Volk, Koen came in twenty-sixth, in Nokere Koerse eleventh. Koen really gave his all for his team leader Niko Eeckhout. In the Grand Prix Rudy Dhaenens, however, Koen could ride his own race. In the four-man sprint he beat, amonst others, the Dutch talent Thomas Dekker. Koen had his first professional victory! Congratulations, Koen! Later in that season, he caught some podium places in the Leeuwse Pijl, in one stage of the Sachsen Tour and in the Championship of Eastern Flanders in Mere. We can safely state that the 2005 season was a highly satisfactory one.

In 2006, Koen had a contract with the same team again, but once again the name changed, this time into Chocolade Jacques-Topsport Vlaanderen.
In the first classic Flemish race, Omloop Het Volk, Koen was in the limelight all day long and he obtained a terrific result: fourth place! In Omloop of the Waasland he ended up second. In several multi-day races, he was part of the attacking group, but unfortunately they were time and again caught by the peloton. In Boekhoute, Koen had a well-deserved victory. We can safely state that 2006 was a really good season.

In 2007, Koen signed on for another year with his team, so he once again defended the colours of Chocolade Jacques-Topsport Vlaanderen. The early season was one of adversity. First, he hurt his knee in a crash in Omloop Het Volk, so he was left with no other option but to give up. Later, illness seriously hampered his training. Only at the end of the season did the clouds start to break up. In Paris-Brussels he made a strong impression. Together with three other racers, he attacked all day long, but unfortunately the peloton caught up with them. In Viane, on the seventeenth of September, Koen obtained the victory without difficulty. Four kilometres before the finish line, he left his four companions behind and he won the race by a large margin. His contract was renewed for another year. On the twentieth of October, Koen married Katrien Ramaut.

In 2008, one of Koen's better seasons, he once again defended the colours of “Topsport Vlaanderen”. In the early season, Koen obtained some nice results: twenty-fifth in Omloop Het Volk, seventh in the third stage of the Three Days of West Flanders, and twenty-ninth in the E3 Prize. In the Tour of Flanders, a crash cost him a lot of time, leaving him with no other option but to give up. In Paris-Roubaix he had a flat tyre just when the action started. He lost a lot of valuable time, but still came in seventy-ninth. At the Belgian Championship in Knokke he rode a respectable race and he obtained a nice twentieth spot. During the summer months, the team managers seriously cut down on the number of races, and Koen did not get enough racing miles. Nevertheless, he got a nice second place at the City Prize race in Geraardsbergen. Koen is reasonably happy with his results of 2008.

Since January 2009, Koen has ridden for Landbouwkrediet.